Farms Are Businesses, Too

And all successful businesses have a strong online prescence

It’s time to get serious about marketing your #FarmBrand.

Because there’s plenty of room for your business online

So, is this you?

Don’t worry, because I’m here to tell you that you’re on the right track…
maybe writing for the internet just isn’t your jam.

You've Written Blog Posts (Here and There)

I get it, you’ve put the time and effort into…well, a couple blog posts for your website. 

But, when you hit publish and no one ever showed up to read your masterpiece, you felt discouraged…and like so many others, you gave up. 

It was a waste of time, right? (no not really, but that’s how it feels!)

Or you tried a few more times, and still nothing. bwaap bwaap!

Now you have a dead blog, that google actively ignores, and your last post is from circa 2015. (yeah, that’s five years ago)

And I hate to break it to you, but that’s not doing anything for your credibility.

But Farmlife is Crazy-Busy!

I completely get it. 

I have a small farm, myself. And I know that  between all the chores and trying to get your ag business off the ground, there just simply isn’t enough hours in the day. 

Not to mention the other jobs you’re juggling. 

Like that soul-sucking 9-5…or the mom job.

I see so many beautiful farms missing out on their piece of the pie.

Because they just don’t have a content marketing plan. 

Or they’ve tried, but can’t take their online presence to the next level. 

And I’ve watched homesteading businesses fail because they give up on content way too soon (or they don’t know how to nurture their audience)

But the ag and pet industries are huge! And the world needs your farm and products.

So please don’t give up. 

Your dream of operating a successful farming business is much too important to you…and the rest of the world. 

The Farmer's Market(er)

When I work with new clients, there’s something they all have in common: 

Lack of consistent, quality, content output…but it’s not their fault. 

Really, they just don’t have the time, or writing is not something they enjoy doing. (it’s ok, I hate maths…we can’t do it all).

So content marketing gets put on the back burner…sometimes indefinately. 

And maybe you’ve done the same thing.

But I don’t want to see your business fire fizzle just because of something so small. 

Oh, and hey, by the way, I’m Amanda! 

I’ve been writing for countless farms, pet industry businesses, and homesteading blogs for the past 7 years. 

And I’ve seen some beautiful farms and products go from non-existent on the internet to a leader in their industry. 

When clients bring me on board, they put their competitor research, seo strategy, and content marketing on autopilot, off their plates, and onto mine.

Because creating an online presence takes consistent effort, and when you’ve got a writer like me on your team, I put it all on my plate. 

So you can get back to the things you love about your farm while I keep the dream of growth alive. 

Grow Your Farm's Online Presence Without...

Wasted Time…

I’ll do the writing, seo, and research so you can spend more time with your family, crops, and animals. 

Wasted Money…

No more wasting money on tools, and so-called quick fixes. I’ll do the honest hard work that gets real results. 


Stop checking your traffic count…for now. Once we get some killer content up, you’ve got my permission…and I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Imagine getting new traffic, customers, and leads, without having to do the icky marketing yourself. 

I'll Do The Research

To get ahead of the competition, you’ve gotta know what’s working for them. AND you need to know what your ideal audience is searching for online. 

And I’ve got the chops and tools to do it for you, and incorporate the research into every piece of content that goes on your site and into the world.

That way, it’s better than the competition’s, and exactly what your consumers are searching for. 

And The SEO

Google is a beast, but it’s the king of the internet. Luckily, so is content. 

But if you want the two kings to play nice, you’ve got to know how to get found by google.

And no, you don’t need to spend countless hours learning SEO…because I already know what to do. (hey, I’ve been doing it a long time! And here’s a secret…I geek out on SEO)

Every piece of content will be optimized for seo, giving it the best shot at landing on page one of google. 

AND the Writing

Consistent content is extremely important if you want google to send people your way. If you start a blog, and then ghost your traffic, google will penalize you for it and stop sending eyeballs your way. 

You need weekly posts that not only get you found online, but provide value to your customers, and drive more sales. 

And I’ll do it for you. Happily. 

Pick Your Blogging Package

And put your posting on autopilot

blog post subscription

Choose a monthly blogging subscription that works for you!

Every month, grow your audience with consistent, valuable, content that can stand up to the competitors and grow a tribe of raving followers of your farm. 

Here's Your Options

Basic Trial Package 


You’ll get:

  • Creative Kickoff (consult)
  • Four 750-1200-word blog posts
  • SEO content
  • One keyword
  • One light revision or one rewrite  (per blog post)

Standard Package 

(most popular!)


You’ll get:

  • Creative Kickoff (consult)
  • Four 750-1200-word blog posts per month
  • SEO content (SEO green-light in Yoast guaranteed!)
  • Two keywords
  • One light revision or one rewrite (per blog post)
  • Market Research
  • Competitor research (Skyscraper Content)
  • WordPress Loading (if desired)
  • Affiliate link consideration (do you have affiliates you’d like sprinkled into your content? I’ll do my best to include them, if requested)
  • Royalty-free Stock Photography & Alt Descriptions

Premium Package



You’ll get:

  • Creative Kickoff (consult)
  • Four 750-1200-word blog posts per month
  • SEO content (SEO green-light in Yoast guaranteed!)
  • Market Research
  • Competitor research (Skyscraper Content)
  • Two keywords
  • One light revision or one rewrite (per blog post)
  • WordPress Loading (if desired)
  • Affiliate link consideration (do you have affiliates you’d like sprinkled into your content? I’ll do my best to include them, if requested)
  • Royalty-free Stock Photography & Alt Descriptions
  • You Pick or I Pitch (if you don’t know what you want me to write about, I’ll pitch the topics).
  • 1 companion email per blog post

And here’s how it works:

When you purchase this package, you will be prompted to answer questions about your blog, audience, goals, and your business. It’s important for me to know all the things about your biz so I can write in your brand voice. 

Once you complete your Creative Consult (intake questionnaire), you’ll move on to the next two modules. There, you will provide four topic headlines (per month) for me and additional info that will help me create the best content on the web surrounding your topic. 

(don’t worry, I provide prompts for you). 

Every month that you are subscribed, you will get access to the appropriate number of posts.


With Standard and Premium Packages you get search engine optimized (SEO) content including at least 1 primary keyword. 

I will arrive at these keywords through market research or you may provide them.


Speaking of research, I’ll also be drilling down to see what’s working for your competitors and then I’ll create content that’s even better for you (this is referred to as Skyscraper Content in the writing world). -Standard and Premium Packages only. 

The cool thing is, it’s all done through a step-by-step course-like system. So don’t worry about getting the ball rolling, because I lead you through the whole process. 

I got you!

Availability Is Limited

I’m a one-woman show, and I can only take on a handful of clients at a time. 

So, if you want to get on the calendar, lock in your subscription today!

A La Carte Pricing


Blog Content

$150 per 750-1200-word post



$50 per email


Opt-in Lead Magnets

$150-$500 Per Magnet


Blog-Based Interviews

$100 Per hour


Guest Posting or Ghostwriting

$200 per 750-1,000-word post


Social Media Marketing

Schedule a Consult Here


I know you’ll love your content, but just in case we don’t mesh during our initial consult period (5 days), you’ll get a full refund as long as content has not been submitted to you. 

100% money-back guarantee.

Because not everyone is the perfect fit.

You don’t even have to tell me it’s cuz of my crazy Wisconsin accent.

And no hard feelings


You may cancel your subscription at anytime by emailing me at least 7 Days before your next billing date.


“Amanda is an absolute joy to work with a true superstar writer. I found Amanda to be incredibly well organized, detail-oriented, passionate about the project at hand and always willing to make helpful suggestions to improve the deliverable. I am looking forward to working with Amanda again on our next project and would recommend her wholeheartedly to other publishers – she’s fantastic!” 

– Content Marketing, Homesteading Website


Ready to see your web traffic and customer base grow?


Is there a refund policy?

If you aren’t happy with our initial consultation, you can request a full refund within 5 days from the date of payment as long as no content has been submitted. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely! If you need a break, just let me know at least seven (7) days prior to your next billing date. The sooner you tell me, the better!

Can I change the word count?

Not for packages, but if you know you’d like long-form content, reach out to me here for a quote.

Can I request rush orders?

Typically, no…however, I understand the importance of time-sensitive news, so I am happy to consider rush orders if time permits. 

What happens if I don’t submit blog post information?

If you fail to update your portal for an upcoming blog post, you forfeit your payment for that post. Unfortunately, working with more than one client requires a posting schedule so everyone gets their content on time.

Can you guarantee my posts will be on Google’s first page?

There’s a ton of variables involved in getting a post to be front-page on google….some of which we have no control over. With that being said, your posts will be optimized for SEO based on the keyword(s) provided, and the format I use when I create SEO posts. This means that I’m giving them the best shot of getting to the front page of google. 

Can I see Samples of Your Work?

Sure! I have an entire portfolio of non-ghostwritten work for you to browse. Check it out here!

Do You Write for Businesses that Aren’t Farms or Homesteads?

Absolutely! If you think we’d go together like chicken and waffles, then go ahead and sign up for a package, complete the creative consult, and we’ll be on our way! I’ve written for mental health pros, HVAC, doctors, insurance companies, B2B, and Saas! 

Let's face it, marketing on the internet is not everyone's cup of tea. But if you've got big dreams for your farm...like selling products, animals, or even just making a difference in the agriculture industry, then you've got to get on the bandwagon.

So, let's do this!

X Amanda

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