Welcome to The Barefoot Farmsteader

The Barefoot Farmsteader is a resource for the farmer-at-heart who’s just starting their homesteading journey. 

But what does that mean?

Well if you’ve found yourself identifying with farming and homesteading, and you’d like to live a more authentic lifestyle,  you might be what I like to call a fellow Barefoot Farmsteader.

Barefoot Farmsteaders are a little more in-tune with nature and the animals we raise. We’re also interested in nourishing our bodies with the animals and crops we grow, and the game we hunt.  

In fact, we are quite in-tune with the earth…and sometimes we may even be a little woo woo.

We’re not cutthrout when it comes to making money from our farm, but we’re proud of the money we earn because it either helps us break even, supports our passion, or makes us some extra money while we grow into our new lifestyle. 

 And who knows, maybe someday we can turn our passion for homesteading into a self-reliant way of life…and maybe even a business. 

If you’re like me, you’ve never really identified with homesteading, or farming, but you always knew you were somewhere in between. Maybe you raise your own meat and vegetables, and sell the surplus to family and friends…you feel like a homesteader but you wouldn’t quite call yourself a farmer. 

More, now than ever, we need to rebuild our relationship with the earth. And we can do this through living simply, re-learning animal husbandry, and homesteading. 

The Barefoot Farmsteader is a place for new and seasoned homesteaders, farmers-at-heart, and hobby farmers to come to learn without judgment.

Here, you’ll find stories, tips, recipes, and life lessons that will inspire and motivate you to live a life connected to nature. 



About Amanda

Amanda is a homesteader and freelance writer with a passion for spreading a compassionate homesteading lifestyle to others.

Amanda believes that everyone should feel as though homesteading is for them…even if they’ve never grown so much as a tomato.

And it’s important to her that those interested in animal husbandry and reconnecting to their roots feel welcomed…and never jeered at.

In 2013, Amanda and her husband purchased a vacated Wisconsin dairy farm. At the time, it was used to store a local electrical company’s machinery. 

The couple call themselves Barefoot Farmsteaders, and farmers-at-heart, because it is a lifestyle they chose to foster, as they were not born into farming families. 

Since moving into the 200-year old farmhouse, they’ve slowly begun breathing life back into the homestead.

The barn is once again alive with steers, goats, rabbits, pigs, and chickens. 

Amanda left an unfulfilling job as an Admissions Counselor in higher education for a freelancer’s lifestyle.  Armed with a Master’s Degree, a BA in English, and plenty of attitude, she writes for countless homesteading websites, hatcheries, and livestock associations.

Animal Husbandry

Learn about raising chickens, goats, rabbits, and other farmyard critters typically found on the homestead.

Follow Amanda and her husband through the ups and downs of learning to foster a thriving small farm…and a life of freedom. 

Homesteading Business Coaching 

As a freelance writer, and digital marketer, Amanda is passionate about helping small farmers grow their businesses through online marketing. 

Learn tips, tricks, and adivce to turn your passion into a business.

Because farms are businesess too. 



Think about yourself and your life from a different angle. One that is n’sync with nature, the animals you raise, and the lifestyle you’ve decided to nurture through simplicity and homesteading.

If you’ve felt diconnected, and discontented, with life, your passion for homesteading may be the solution.  


Amanda shares her favorite recipes for products straight from her farm (Windhaven) as well as hunting harvests. Her recipes have a mid-western flare and are full of comfort and heart.  



Watch Amanda as she dusts the cobwebs from the 200-year-old farmhouse and get a modern look at a hunter’s wife’s recipes as she cooks wild game to perfection.  

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While I try to disconnect from social media, the fact is, there’s way too many homesteaders to learn from…and I don’t want to miss out on learning something new to help me improve my farm. So join me, and fellow homesteaders on social media…and let’s support each other!

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